Friday, November 05, 2004

Me, me, me

20 years old. No job. No money. Free internet at my mom's. Occasional sex with hotbodies. Sometimes I get drunk. Sometimes I snort some coke. I steal, I try to earn a living working on the Internet as a... ehm.. freelancer. I am quite happy, actually. I love to travel, but can't afford to. I am a nice guy doing all the wrong things. I want to get connected with people on a deeper level, but feel like Michael Jackson - the wacky misunderstood paedophile :).

I'd love to get involved in politics, I think my scheming nature will do well in this endeavour. I'm not desperate yet - hell, 20 years old is pretty young and with the advent of nanotechnology I might even live forever (don't lie to yourselves - we all want to). I love Bush Jr., he's a nice guy, just like me. I want to start a war, a small one. I want to be remembered, I want to be loathed.

And anyway, people express hate so easily these days, it would not be difficult to start a fire. IMHO.


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